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[EN] Fixing those holes in the roof
One thing essential for a good harvest is nice steady rain.
But: no cow likes it if the straw gets wet thanks to a leaking barn roof.
We have successfully solved this problem and managed to bring in the hay safe and dry in time. Even during heavy rain the farmer can inspect his property in a dry driver’s cab.
Take a look at our newest dev log video where we’ll show you the behavior of rain in Cattle and Crops.

[DE] Dichte Dächer und trockene Tücher
Ein schöner Landregen ist natürlich unerlässlich für eine gute Ernte. Aber: keine Kuh mag es, wenn ihr Heu wegen eines undichten Scheunendaches nass wird.
Dieses Problem haben wir erfolgreich gelöst und das Futter noch rechtzeitig ins Trockene gebracht. Auch der Bauer kann seinen Hof bei strömendem Regen in seiner trockenen Traktorkabine inspizieren.
In unserem neuen DevLog-Video möchten wir euch einen kurzen Einblick in das Verhalten von Regen bei Cattle and Crops geben.


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Commented on 2017-04-30 07:07:13

First they were going to release it late last year. Then early this year. Then they were going to have "early access", then they didn't have "early access". There isn't a single release date being mentioned currently, not even a whiff of how close they are to releasing this game. They took your money via their kickstarter, they promised you big things, they show you edited video... And that's all you guys will likely see of this, it'll never be released, it's classic vaporware

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