BMW 740D F01 TUNING v1.0


Bmw 740D F01 Engine capacity, cc.: 2993 Engine capacity, l.: 3.0 Power, hp: 620+ Transmission: automatic transmission 6 Maximum speed 310 km/h 0-100: 3.5 sec. 100-200: 8.8 The mod was created by Heisenberg, and I did the tuning. On this BMW 740D, I changed the gearbox to a sports one, did engine tuning, and now it produces 620+ horses instead of stock 306, as well as significantly changed the physics and made NORMAL brakes. Now this German beast is slightly inferior to the M5 F90 Mod works great on DirectX 9, I didn't check it on the 11th, but everything should be fine. And please don't judge strictly, this is my first mod :)


CREDITS: Heisenberg

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