BMW M5 F90 COMPETITION 2020 v2.0


Test on the game version:

External features (new):

- Externally functional support! The caliper does not move with the brake disc, turns with the wheel, reacts to unevenness.

- New headlight setting with more correct glow. Again, not just a "setting", but an innovation - the inner and outer cone of the glow.

- Rebuilt physics and brakes

- Starter sound, both external and inside the car (innovation, previously not implemented)

- Sound of dovrniks (innovation, previously not implemented)

- Implemented a new sound of sliding (and braking) a car on the asphalt (an innovation, not previously implemented)

- Engine sound outside (new sound)

- Engine sound from the passenger compartment (new sound)

- Sounds of turn signals (new sound)

- Sound on and off turn signals (new sound)

- Sound of engine on / off from the passenger compartment (new sound)

- Sound of engine on / off outside (new sound)

- Sound of fastening seat belt (new sound)

- Sound signal from salon / outside (new sound)

- Sound of gear shifting (new sound)

- Rear View Camera

- Fundamentally new car physics.

- Raindrops with the appropriate choice of weather.

- Realistic appearance.

- Possibility of refueling

- Working chip "dust from under the wheels"

- Working chip "water from under the wheels"

- Working chip "trailer"

- Working chip "cargo transportation"

- Working chip "passenger transportation"

- Working chip "improved room lighting"

- Fully working all arrows and indications.

- Well-designed interior.

- Car textures are made in high quality.

- Realistic lighting in the cabin.

List of extras that are available:

1. Tinted rear hemisphere

2. Tinting without windshield

3. Tinting in a circle

4. Tinted headlights

5. Wide frames for rooms

6. No numbers

7. Thresholds number 2

8. Hood No. 2

9. Spoiler black

10. Black Edition

11. Red leather interior No. 1

12. Gray leather interior No. 1

13. White leather interior No. 1

14. Red leather interior No. 2

15. Gray leather interior No. 2

16. White leather interior No. 2

17. Black insert instead of carbon

18. Gray insert instead of carbon

19. Gray ceiling

20. Green lighting in the cabin

21. Red lighting in the cabin

22. Turquoise interior lighting

23. Gray headlights instead of blue

24. Red headlights instead of blue

25. Red calipers

26. Disks black stock

27. Wheels F90 dorestayling

28. Wheels M8

29. Discs 530d



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