BMW Series 5 525i E34 v2.0


BMW 5 or BMW fifth series-business class cars produced by BMW since 1972

Currently, cars of the seventh generation of the fifth series are produced

The E34 is the third generation of BMW's fifth series, which was produced from 1988 to 1996.

Initially, these cars were made only in sedan-type bodies

In 1990, these cars also began to be produced in station wagon bodies, which received the name Touring

BMW Series 5 525i E34

- Drive type: Rear

- Transmission type and number of gears: Manual transmission-5; AUTOMATIC transmission-5

- Maximum power: 192 HP

- Engine displacement: 2496 cc

- Maximum speed: 230 km/h

There is 1 extra:

- Caps

Installation: Manual

Passenger transportation is available

For versions 1. 5. 8-


- Adaptation for new versions

- Updated registration code

- Added passenger transportation

— Updated physics

Authors: Ruslan Dzhanibekov, Sash 178

Author of the update, screenshots, and transportation: Statte


Ruslan Dzhanibekov

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