Haval H6 b01 v2.0


- Outwardly functional caliper! The caliper does not move with the brake disc, it turns with the wheel, reacts to bumps.
- New headlight setting with more correct glow. Again, not just a "setup", but an innovation - an inner and outer glow cone.
- Physics and brakes rebuilt
- Starter sound, both external and inside the car (innovation, not previously implemented)
- Wipers sound (innovation, not previously implemented)
- Implemented a new sound of sliding (and braking) of the car on asphalt (innovation, not previously implemented) -
Engine sound outside (new sound)
- Engine sound from the passenger compartment (new sound)
- Turn signal sounds (new sound)
- Turn signal on/off sound (new sound)
- Engine on/off sound from inside (new sound)
- Engine on/off sound from outside (new sound)
- Seat belt buckling sound (new sound) -
Interior/outside horn sound (new sound)
- Transmission shift sound (new sound)
- Fundamentally new car physics.
- Raindrops with appropriate weather selection.
- Realistic appearance.
- Working feature "improved room illumination"
- Fully working all the arrows and indications.
- Well-designed interior.
- The textures of the car are made in high quality.
-Realistic lighting in the cabin.
- Gray plastic became darker.
- Rear View Camera.

The list of extras that is available:
1. Tinted rear hemisphere
2. Tinted without windshield
3. Tinted in a circle
4. No numbers
5. Wide frames
6. Gray leather interior
7. Red leather interior 8.
White leather interior
9. Light yellow leather interior
10. Gray ceiling
11. Engine tuning
12. Body antichrome
13. Front bumper 2
14. Rear bumper 2
15. Dark glass headlights
16. Red calipers
17. Wheels 2
18. Wheels 3
19. Wheels 4


Mod author: Heisenberg

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