Hyundai Solaris 2011 1.5.9 -


Hyundai Solaris-subcompact car of the South Korean company Hyundai Motors


- Adapted for versions 1.5.9,

- Updated physics

The car is a localized version of the Hyundai Accent car, adapted for use in Russian conditions

Hyundai Solaris with a sedan body has been produced since January 2011 in Russia at the Hyundai Motor Manu-factoring Rus plant near St. Petersburg

In May 2011, the production of the car with the hatchback body began

Hyundai Solaris is developed on the basis of Hyundai Verna (Accent of the fourth generation) specially for Russia

Numerous options are selected exclusively for Russian consumers

Hyundai Solaris 2011:

Drive Type: Front

Transmission type and number of gears: Manual transmission-5 Automatic transmission-4

Max power: 123/6300 rpm

Maximum torque:132/4200 rpm

Engine displacement: 1587 cc.

Maximum speed: 190 km / h

6 extras:

Folder 0-Auto stock, mandatory installation!

Folder 1-Hemisphere tinting

Folder 2-Collective farm

Folder 3-Yandex Taxi

Folder 4-Black Stamps

Folder 5-Disks + toner in a circle

Installation: Manual

Passenger transportation is available

Mod author: Denis154rus

Update author: Statte



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