Lexus Ls 500 1.5.9 -


The best-selling flagship luxury sedan

Built on the platform of the high-performance LC coupe, the LS 500 is equipped with the world's first dual-turbocharged engine


- Updated for game versions 1.5.9,

- Added a registration code (for those players who do not see the game car without it)

- Updated physics


- 4K and 2K baking and LMP textures

- All parts are baked

- Realistic physics

- Display of the checkpoint

- Auto has a unique sound

- Display of gasoline and temperature

- Passenger transportation available

- Trailers available

- Number illumination

- Working water/gasoline/low beam indicators; other indicators are drawn in more detail

- New mirror system

- Dust does not penetrate into the interior

- Wheels replaced

- Updated suspension, brakes, engine, windshield wiper animation

Lexus Ls 500:

- Drive type: RWD

-Transmission type and number of gears: Manual: 4

- Maximum power: 67 hp at 5600 rpm

- Engine capacity: 1,294 cc

-Top speed: 145 km / h

- 0-100 km / h: 18.0 sec

Installation: Manual

Author: Sasha161rus

Update author: Statte



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