Wollis INTERIOR ADDON v1.1 1.39 - 1.40


Change LOG:
Version 1.1
- add 2 varaints Blanket (toybed)
- add Banana (tables;toystand)
- add Nintendo Switch (tables;toystand)
- add T-shirts (bed and toybig)
- add Dreamcatcher (toyhang)
- add Waeco PerfectPower PP100 (toybig)
- add Veehol Woman (toyhang)
- add Vabis Logo (toyhang)
- add Kebab (tables;toystand)
- add Jesus cross (toyhang)
- add Gameboy Retro (tables;toystand)
- add DAF shifter (toybig)
- add MAN shifter (toybig)
- add Scania shifter (toybig)
- add Eaton Fuller shifter for Scania (toybig)
- add Volvo shifter (toybig)
- add Scania T and 4 series by RJL
- add Scania T 2016 by HRS Mods
- add Scania R by Fred.
- add Actros 2019 by ActrosCrew
- add MAN TGX Euto6 by Madster

Version 1.0
- add TV for all SCS trucks (toypillow)
- add 11 variants curtains (curtains)
- add RJL, MP2 and Black Edition by Dotec

Work with all SCS and reworked trucks how support the new cabin DLC. And also with some standalone trucks
- New Actros 2019 by myself and the Actros Crew
- Scania by RJL
- Actros MP2 by Dotec
- Actros Black Edition by Dorec



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