Beacon Edit by JBM [ETS2] v2.3 1.46



- Convoy/multiplayer compatibility added

- Update for 1.46

WHAT This Mod Does:

This basic mod simply changes the flash properties of SCS beacons and vehicle warning lights in the game. It is fully tested in game versions 1.46x with a clear log.

Player Trucks & Trailers:

- Increases speed of Radiant and Pulsar* rotating beacons, as well as Bonfire and Space rotating beacon bars.

- Assigns typical Vision Alert style flash pattern to Pulse II* LED beacon, as well as Star* and Nova* LED beacon bars.

- Changes flash pattern of LED Strobe.*

- Removes "The Space" text from The Space beacon bar.

AI Trucks,Trailers, Service and Emergency Vehicles:

- Increases speed of rotating beacons.

- Changes flash pattern and speed of LED beacon bars.

Special Transport Escort Vehicles*:

- Changes flash pattern of LED beacon bars and warning lights.


jbm, scs