Enhanced Graphics v2.0.3 1.49


Changelog: v2.0.3

- Added More Blue Color in Fog

- Added More Intensity in Sunshaft

- Fixed Physics when Raining

- Added Little Bit Blue Color in Shadows

- Added Little Bit Orange-Yellow Color in Light

- Changes in Visiblilty Truck Light when Starting Sunrise and Sunset

- Changes in Wipers Now Has 3 Speed Mode ( Slow, Fast, Very Fast)


- More Realistic FOV Mirrors

- Added More Exposure and Game Saturation

- Improvement  Sunshaft, Fog and Depth of Field (DoF)

- Improvement some Sign Texture to High Resolution

- Improvement Flares of Street Lamps and Trucks

- Improvement Traffic Lights

- New Rain Texture and Physics of Rain

- High Resolution Texture of Water

- High Resolution Texture of Road Signs for Poland, UK, Germany, Italia, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Sweden, and Austria

- High Quality Models of Road Signs (work in progress)

- Added More Reflection on Road when it's Rainy

- Improvement Road Specular

- Improvement Road Specular

- Improvement Lights of Trucks

- Improvement Roads in Germany

- Improvement Lights in Night

- Changed Barrier Texture

- Changed in some Tunnel Lights and added Normal Map to more realistic

- New Signs Model and Texture (work in progress)

- Added High Resolution Texture of Clouds Shadow

- No Saving Message on left top corner

- Improvement Steering Wheel Mercedes

- Changed Flares Lights from Yellow to White

- Wipers has 3 speed mode (very slow, slow, fast, very fast)

- Changed Lights in Tunnels on White

- Improvement Color of Cologne Rodenkirchen Bridge

- 35 4K High Quality Textures of Company Trailer (work in progress)

- 7 NEW 8K (8192 x 2048) High Quality Road Texture

- 3 NEW 4K (4096 x 4096) High Quality Road Texture

- Rain Command g_bad_weather_factor 1.0 (1.0 ON, 0.0 OFF)

- Added line mp_mod_optional: true



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