Feldbinder KIP trailer pack 1.40


Version 1.5:

- redesigned materials and textures for v1. 40

- added companies and jobs for the Iberia DLC

- added 52m3 option

- added accessory for signs/stickers (compatible with the SCS trailer customization package)

- added accessory for rear boxes on long trailer variants

- optional accessory for additional rear and side lights (compatible with various light packages)

- fixed some bugs in UV maps

- redesigned UV map of the lower rear of the tank

- moved SCS Paintjobs from the base mod to a separate package to reduce the size of the mod

Standalone trailer

- Acquired as a property

- Long / short models

- Compatible with SCS accessories (wheels, mudguards)

- New accessories for side + rear reflective strips in different colors

- Baking frame textures + bodywork

- Painted and steel side protection, painted options with custom pattern, multiple options with different storage boxes and / or drawer slots

- Painted and steel rear bumper in "standard", "luxury " and" non-standard " versions, painted options with their own template

- The custom rear bumper is partially compatible with other accessory kits, such as the SCS Trailer Tuning Pack

- The new paint system allows you to customize the colors of the frame and body separately

- Template for creating skins

- The SCS skin system includes 'Duellist', 'Canopy', 'Sunrise', 'Sade' and 'Crystal Ray'



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Commented on 2021-04-29 19:21:57

Very nice mods, thanks so much

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