International 9900i for ETS2 1.44 by soap98


International 9900i for ETS2 1.44 by soap98

-The choice of chassis (3 types)

-The choice of cabins (3 types)

-The choice of Interior (2 types)

-Adapted cables in ETS2 (YELLOW&RED)

-Cabin Accessories (ETS2 Version)

-Working headlights, brake lights, tail lights, front and rear turn signals, steering wheel and reverse signals

-Tuning and accesories present

-Interior accesories configuration

-Can take Quick Job

-Buy from Access Mod dealer

-Support occulus VR 

Note: be sure to choose the named "[ATS]" when tuning the wheel, rim, nuts etc.

Not Working? you need to UNPACK the archieve and place the 2 scs files in the ETS2 mod location.

If you found bugs please comment in my official blog



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