Mercedes-Benz New Actros Realistic Dashboard Computer 1.42


This dashboard computer mod aims to recreate the dashboard computer found on the Mercedes-Benz New Actros.


- Correct background layout

- Working top menu bar with proper icons

- Working left sub-menu bar

- Actual Mercedes-Benz font (Corporate S and Corporate S Bold)

- Proper LCD fonts for distance, clock and temperature displays

- Actual Truck-info page with odometer, trip distance, time and outside temperature

- Actual speed page

- Actual air pressure reserve page

- Actual Coolant Temperature page

- Actual Oil Level page

- Fuel economy bar

- Average fuel economy

- Average trip speed

- Trip Duration

- Fuel distance remaining

- Low air pressure warning screen

This mod only modifies the central computer screen. For the high-resolution gauges, please download my mod from HERE:



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