Momiji Fitness Outfit Skin For Pendragon Volvo FH12 v1.0


Hello again, i still not fully recover from cold but this livery was on my storage sitting duck for a while so i decide to finish it. Well, not really lol still 95% from finish is just external fuel for some chassis tank that i didn't edited yet due to cold so i can't make it done, so you should read livery note below.

Livery note: If you using chassis 8x4A or 8x4B is not recommend to use external fuel tanks because i don't really edited not yet probably i gonna rework this livery on future. (or just see picture above if admin don't delete the picture when this post is up)


-Globetrotter XL Cab Only

-All Chassis Support

-All Custom Part Support (No Texture Error maybe?)


Pendragon For Volvo FH12
Autumn_Leaves For Illustration
Zen Workshop (Zenvi) the A U T H O R and C R E A T O R of this skin

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