Nahida Skin For Pendragon Volvo FH12 v1.0


Hello again, so as i promise next livery will be for Volvo truck so here is hope you like it.

Livery note: I make this livery mainly focus for 6x and 4x chassis i don’t really put some effort for 8x chassis but it doesn’t mean this livery don’t support 8x chassis what i mean design for 8x chassis is kinda unfinished probably i will rework this livery on future, also i having cold while working this livery so i can’t focus properly, so sorry for that.


-Globetrotter XL Cab Only

-All Chassis Support

-All Custom Part Support (No Texture Error)


Pendragon For Volvo FH12
沼畑とーふ。& みもち & angduuuu
For Amazing Illustration (you can find those guys on pixiv)
Zen Workshop (Zenvi) the A U T H O R and C R E A T O R of this skin

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