Neoplan New Tourliner C13 2018-2022 1.46



- Updated to 1.46

- Bug fixes and optimizations.

- Exterior and interior models changed.

- All textures changed  on the vehicle.

- Warning & Information Stickers added.

- 3 Types of Arabic horn added.

- Sounds changed.

- New Generation seat model added.

- Seat textures changed.

- Pedestrian detection sensor added. (Connected to the lights)

- Security camera added.

- New generation radar added.

- Wheel cover model changed.

- Alcoa Wheel Model changed.

- Door pipe changed.

- Interior parts depth adjusted.

- Added new steering and trim textures.

- New floor textures added.

- Marble floor added.

- Interior lighting diversified.

- Roof passenger lights slotted.

- The step lights slotted.

- New type dashboard added.

- Entertainment and multimedia panel added.

- Kitchen part added.

- Baggage handle changed.

- Exterior mudflap slotted.

- Rear bumper slat slotted.

- New neta models added.

- Roof rack bar have changed and slotted.

- Mirror model changed.

- HGS tag added.

- Window film slotted.

- American parking lights added.

- Air cooler model changed.

- Speakers added ın the interior.

- Front bumper side blades slotted.

- Paintable blinds added.

- Variety of front blinds and sensors increased.

- Templates increased to 4.

- Signboard models with suction cups added.

- Driver window model changed. ( Trade from Germany :D )

- Rear fender signals added.

- Headlight and stoplights textures changed.

- Atatürk signature added.

- Tire sizes enlarged.

- Passenger shelf changed.

- Coffee tables changed.

- Added information cards in passenger stands.

- Interior side straight models changed.

- Halftone added to windows.

- Driver window eesistance added.

- Interior steps been detailed.

- Fire tube and first aid kit added.

- Added USB charging panel for passengers.

- Added suspension stiffness adjustment.

- Tachograph changed.

- New type bed glass added.

- Side signals changed.


Project: Heavy Vehicles Turkey / HVT
Model: İsmail Arslan
Edit,Convert: Harun Aras (KskLi1453)
Other 3D Models: Emin Doğuş Güraksın - Harun Aras
Skin: Furkan Kısacık
Sound: Max2712 - zeemod - EVR

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