ODAZ 9786 Old ODAZ ETS2 1.45


OdAZ-9786 - a two-axle refrigerated semi-trailer of the late USSR, the semi-trailer was mass-produced by the Odessa Automobile Assembly Plant in the 80s.

The semi-trailer OdAZ-9786 will be an excellent addition, especially when used in conjunction with tractors of the Soviet period. OdAZ-9786 has a high-quality 3D model and SovTransAvto skin, the semi-trailer is available for purchase and is capable of transporting various cargoes, including perishable goods.

Author: COMSORG (Oleg Strukov)

Unofficial update: Master_Yoda.

Adaptation 1.45 AJIEHA


AJIEHA , Master_Yoda.

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