Passenger mod v1.50


This mod adds passengers at various ETS2 companies and on maps:

EAA, EBR, Rotas Brasil, Eldorado, Bahia, Sul-Parana, RC Brasil, Brasilzao, Elite da Rodagem, Ceibo, Vanessa Pashmina, Grand Utopia and Promods


* This mod is an adaptation of a trailer, there may be some bugs

* If the passanger do not appear, advance the time, (sleep, F7 + enter or quick travel). They will be available in quick jobs and in the freight market

* Recommended to use easy parking or automatic parking

* It is not possible to add passengers in the standard bus stations (ETS2/ATS Standard Map), it is necessary to edit the map and prefab (.ppd) also, uploading prefabs and maps on Steam Workshop is not allowed

* If a trailer appears in the same place as the passengers, use camera 0 + ctrl F9 or F7+enter for workshop

* Mod tested and working in multiplayer, make sure everyone on the convoy is using the same mod version (Steam workshop version is different from sharemods version)

Update for version 1.50


Cristhian Cardoso

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