Route Advisor Mod Collection v7.0


Some explanations of the abbreviation in the file name (which means):

Center Bottom - map below,
Center Top - top map,
Right Edge - right edge card,
Right Top - top right map,
GSM - small card
ONM - average,
SBM - big
1LTB - 1 line of text below,
1LTT - 1 line of text on top,
3LTB - 3 lines of text below,
3LTT - 3 lines of text above.
NF - without frame
WF - with frame,
MBB - card on a black background,
MCB - card on a transparent background,
TBB - text on a black background,
TCB - text on a transparent background.

Hemil, wik412


Hemil, wik412

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