Russia Express map v3.0


Project: The Orient Express
Version: 3.0
Map: Russia + Belarus
Game : ETS2 ver. 1.7.1
Game Type: License + DLC.

Authors : Valera_t, SCS ( Europe + DLC)
Authors models : Valera_t, Stalker45, Gluk, SCS
Authors prefabs : Valera_t, FLD, SCS
Authors traffic : Valera_t, Jazzycat, SCS

Special thanks to Yuri Senkevich update for billboards ,
Goba6372 model for a bumpy road.
And also to all who have provided lots of information to create a
a more realistic game world.

Compatibility with earlier versions of the game is not,
and has not been tested in directX mode and the pirates .

- Author used prefabs to create original solutions.
Because with an incomplete study of the prefabs , the traffic is not moving on prefabs in all directions
and there may be problems with the display the right way on the roundabout in GPS navigator - I recommend passage
undertaken strictly on road signs in the area of ​​Art. Petersburg and north .

- Driving on winter roads only senkventalnoy or manual box
otherwise you can not even budge .
- Maud is protected by copyright and vskrytiya.V case of burglary fashion - to use the base model and map objects prohibited by the author !

Copy fashion map in mod folder and start the game !
New game does not have to start , but you will lose the new settings and schedules for HDR
setting winter roads ( or clutch slip) .
If you are unable to play on the old profile - start a new game with a new profile.

What's new:

Mod card is an extension of the previous version and includes :
- Card only Rosiii and Belarus - to select it in the gaming unit profile settings , select rus.mbd
- Map of Russia and Belarus combined with the default card + DLC.Dlya her choice to leave the gaming unit - Europe .

In fashion there is traffic the domestic auto industry , new cargo and trailers to them and participates in traffic .
Refueling Firms logo on traffic changed to real-world and added new ones.
Traffic lights in Belarus and Russia have a flashing green light.
Mah.skorosti limiter set at 110 km / h (default 90 km / h). Remove restrictions may be in the game settings menu .
Economy Standard - uvelichiny time of delivery makes it possible for large distances and the presence of the winter area - in the Murmansk region.
Fixed HDR for better display graphics in winter conditions.
Fixed all the bugs seen .

New cities :

Travel to Europe through Poland , but rather through customs in the cities of Grodno and Brest .
Unloading at the airport - in the fuselage of the AN- 225 - entry backwards .

Third-party fashion:
Before you put your fashion look in the game that is already there, and then add your own.
All third party mode you use at your own risk.
Performance and compatibility is not guaranteed.

The development of the project:
The project - Orient Express - will continue to expand .
The next version will add the Ukraine.

Any questions regarding the spread can only be solved with me individually !
And also on the material and other support to the project
Write to email [email protected].
Respect the author and his work!

Author mods Tyatkov Valery
[email protected]
All questions on the spread can only be solved with me
E-mail to a specified email address.

When Placing cards on other sites , INSTALL ONLY MINE download link.


Authors : Valera_t, SCS ( Europe + DLC)
Authors models : Valera_t, Stalker45, Gluk, SCS
Authors prefabs : Valera_t, FLD, SCS
Authors traffic : Valera_t, Jazzycat, SCS

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