Scania NG P-Series Flatcab Cargo Pack v1.0.6 1.49


Changelog 1.0.6

- trailer ground clearance increased by 5cm

- additional hella kled beacons for the cargos

- trailer and cargo weights adjusted

- various fixes


4 cargos for the flatcab p-series 10x4 and 12x4 chassis

-Liebherr LB 28 (68.2t) / freight and cargo market / Level: easy

-Liebherr HS875 (79.3t) / freight and cargo market / Level: medium

-Liebherr HS875 HD (96t) / freight and cargo market / Level: hard

-Liebherr HS875 HD XXL (97.1t) / cargo market only / Level: master

3 lowloader

-5 axle long gooseneck (max. payload 70t)

-2+5 axle long gooseneck (max. payload 88t)

-3+6 axle long gooseneck (max. payload 108t)

You have to sleep several times to get the cargo in the freight market!

Do not use this mod with other SCS_LOWLOADER mods, this can cause problems!



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