Schmitz S.CF 45' Euro by JUseeTV upd 20.09.21 1.41


Changelog from 20.09.21
- Added a new chassis variant for 40ft container with the neck slid in and the rear fully extended
- Fixed hook position to prevent clipping
- Fixed shadow model

Changelog from 19.09.21
- Fixed the UI shadow and fakeshadow (thanks to @kast for giving me a helping hand there :) )
- Fixed clipping of the bumper with the chassis on the 20ft chassis variants
- Checked all locator hook-ups in Blender

Version 1.0:
- Added 20ft chassis with middle and rear position for containers (2 variants)
- Added 2x 20ft chassis
- Added 40ft chassis
- Added 45ft chassis (Arnook's containerpack is mandatory)
- Added three frames in blue, black and paintable
- Added four sideskirt options: Full cover and covers with toolbox (left/right/both)
- Added fire extinguisher
- Added Sauermann storage boxes (both sides)
- Added Wheel chucks (left/right/both)
- Added TIR and ADR plates (opened/closed)
- Added Vignal LC taillights
- Added fenders with and without white stripe
- Added multiple reflective tape options
- Added doubleburners, Aspock markers, Hella DuraLED, Hella Halogen square light taillight on slots, round LED taillights
- Licenseplates: EU, UK, Spain, both skinnable by paintjob and by file
- Different mudflap options
- Rear signs with Schmitz or Veiculo Longo letters
- Slots for front- and sidemarkers, aswell as taillights


Modelling: JUseeTV
Images and reference material: Schmitz Cargobull AG
General help/beta testing: Arnook, Daniminhio, Mihkel, Dalen, TvKleunen, Csabee, dave303

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