VOLVO FH16 (2012) OHAHA v27.10


- Support DLC: FH Tuning Pack

- Support DLC: Cabin Accessories

- Support DLC: Window Flags

- Support: Openable windows

- Support: FMOD sound system


Changes in v27.10:

Fixed bugs

Extra Antenna as accessory

Decals on sun roof and side panel (glass_rdecal and glass_sdecal)

Engine badges moved to accessories. There might also be errors about missing parts in game log. You can remove them either by selling and repurchasing your truck, or by using "g_remove_missing_accessories 1".

3d badges on front grill

New engines (D13K460 Turbo Compound and D13K500 Turbo Compound) with I-Save badge

New I-Shift badge. Now have I-Shift and I-Shift Dual clutch badges

Mudflaps behind front wheels

Slight reworked RPM part on dashboard


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Author mod: Ohaha, Pendragon

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