Volvo FH5 D13K500TC Sound & Engine Pack v1.0 1.49



-Precision Crafted Engine Sounds: Immerse yourself in over 300 sound samples, each capturing distinct elements from the engine, intake, and exhaust. A complete experience that also includes engine brake sounds, transmission whine, engine fan and squeaky belts

-Full Engine RPM Spectrum: Delight in the richness of every rev with our expansive engine recordings.

-A separate Interior & Effects Pack that includes:

-Realistic retarder sounds.

-Comprehensive interior acoustics: indicators, wipers, parking brakes, low air pressure warnings, switches, windows, etc.

-Experience the mechanical symphony of gearbox sounds, horns, air compressor unloading, air brakes, axle lifts, etc.

-Engine Options & Badges: Choose from 420, 460 or 500 horsepower options, each paired with a matching front badge.

-Transmissions: The set is complete with AT2612G, AT2812G, ATO2612G and SP02812 transmissions, including Dual-Clutch variants. 

-Compatibility: Designed to work with either the free FH5 from Sanax or the paid version (will not work with the default FH4).

-Convoy Ready: Join your crew with confidence, knowing your sound will stand out.

-ZAF Ready.

-Bonus Features: Exclusive Zeemod's "In Sound We Trust" digital air fresheners.



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