Volvo VNL Truck Shop v1.4.5 1.40 - 1.41


Changelog v1.4.5

Update for 1.40

Updated mirrors and headlights for a new lighting system

Volvo VNL 300, 430, 630, 670, 730, 780, VT 830, 880


- 8 cabins

- 5 chassis

- Its own tuning.

- Volvo dealers, mod dealers.

- Painting support, including metallic.

- Advanced Coupling System support.

- Trailer cables support.

- DLC Steering Creations Pack included.

- Warning flags and front banner included.

- Horns included.


Mod author: BigBob, SCS
Adaptation for ATS: chashkin23
Tuning and improvements of the model: Andrew Chashkin. (chashkin23)
Sounds: Kriechbaum, odd_fellow, SCS
Onboard computer: piva
& some others.
Special thanks to everyone who helped me to master ZModeler and 3DS MAX, as well as to those who assisted me with the creation of the mod: Vladislav Krankel-Varter, Denis Zobnin (DANZ), Dmitry Muhanov (Stels).
Editorial and update for 1.36 blacksitearea
Update for 1.40: unknown

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