1455XL Bauer fright v1.0


Hi everybody,
because the farmer fright, I've uploaded yesterday, was added to the control, I want this again upload.
To the person who said it would be basic model:
Hello, I'm sorry if your and my 1455 have similarity, but I have this mod itself modeled in Maya etc.. I have them also pictures! Hast promised this feature of which you, my buddy has a built-in, is not so copied. The only thing that is not from me, is the front hydraulics, which I have downloaded on a modding site in the WIP area. Although I'm sorry if the tractor look similar, but the copied DO NOT! ;). Otherwise please log in here with me. I want to eliminate the problem, because I'm not a fan of dispute! :)
In the Zip file of the Bauer fright himself, a sled and a matching plate are included. I wish you much fun with the mod!
Regards, DerSchlingel;)


DerSchlingel HuberChris911

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Commented on 2014-02-21 19:36:58

Hello, this is my Mod. Why is it here?!

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