Great Dane Van Trailer Pack


SMW Modding presents the Great Dane Champion Series 53-Foot Van Trailer Version 1: do you need to move seed pallets, fertilizer tanks, or other commodities, but are tired of hauling them in the elements? Then the Great Dane Champion Series is the trailer for you. With over 3300 cubic feet of available cargo space and a working load capacity of over 25 tons, the Great Dane Champion Series is ready to tackle your next logistical challenge. And with optional slide axles on its tandem axle variation, these dry vans allow you to spread the weight evenly between your truck and your trailer.

Features of the Great Dane Champion Series 53-Foot Van Trailer:
• Proper Scaling (Approximately 53 feet long and 8 feet wide)
• AO Texturing
• Sliding Tandem Axle or Canadian-Spread Tri-Axle Configurations
• Steel or Aluminum Wheels
• Working Blinkers and Marker Lights
• Opening Rear Doors
• Floor and Wall Collisions
• Locking Script for Wool Pallets or other Loads

What do you need to run this mod?
• Farming Simulator 2013 Version 2.0 Beta
• A Vehicle or Trailer Dolly with a Fifth Wheel
• A ZIP-archive Unpacker

What do you need to load this mod?
• A Forklift or Telehandler of Some Kind
• A Ramp for Driving Inside the Trailer

Additional Helpful Mods
• No Collision Camera

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Contributors to This Mod

• Model and Texturing—Rafael Zanella, Rocketman
• Wheels—Sivy, LMS Studios
• Scripting—Sivy, Smith121363, Rafael Zanella, dale3887, Seriousmods
• Testing—BigCountry, Rocketman, Raycer55, JDB14, looneytoontn, dancanman, Sivy, Discoade, dale3887, seriousmods
• Pictures--XTRMZ and Seriousmods

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