BBS900 L1 v1.2 Multifruit


BBS900 Multi Fruit L1 Green, can be loaded with about 55 types of fruit flat version !
The dump truck is with wheat, canola , corn , barley, chopped , potatoes , carrots , sugar beets, apples , apricots, grass , straw , manure , animal feed , cucumbers , plums , cotton, coffee , cherries , onions, rice, soybean, sunflower , tomatoes , poppy seeds , spelled, mushrooms , triticale , rye , oats, millet , pear , honeydew melon , red cabbage, white cabbage, Savoy cabbage , silage, gravel , crushed stone, fertilizer , hemp, sand, lime , soil, grapes , eggplant , sugar cane and pumpkin loadable .
The dump truck is equipped with a tarpaulin roof and can not be loaded with closed Plane !
In addition, the trailer was equipped with a ball -shaped coupling, chrome wheels , wide tires and tire pressure air conditioning !
Capacity: 40000 l / kg
Constructive criticism is welcome , because it learns and can improve the mod . However, please let useless and senseless comments . The caring not an old S. .. Who do not like it , so does not need to download it !

The mod can not be without my connivance re-uploaded , even in modified form ! !
If one or more of the above items are missing on the recorded Map
appear harmless " Warnings" in the log.txt . This has on the game - stability no effect !
And now I wish you much fun with the mod
lg oele



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Commented on 2014-05-15 21:45:47

This is a Great mod I'm using it all the time I'd like to try the map it is being used on could you let me know how I can download it PLEASE thank you for you help.

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