Chelyabinsk Tractor v1.0


June 1, 1933 from the gates of the tractor factory Tscheljabins k, the first batch carburetor engine of 60 hp (44.2 kW came from powerful crawler tractor "Stalinist -60" (-60 C) for general use. The tractor was set ), who worked on naphtha. Three-speed gearbox allows to obtain the rate of 3 to 5.9 km / h and power on the hook 36.8 kVt.V May 1936 in Chelyabinsk develop organized experimental design office for carburetor Tractors headed by V. Mamin In 1936, the office led to the production carburetor Dekalenkova -. D-8, there were all these machines made shtuki.Prototipom 264 C-60 to adapt the tractor S-60 served as the U.S. tractor " Caterpillar -60 "same company. tractor before 31 March 1937 produced. Through the years, the large-scale production was produced 69,100 cars.


Credits: Myjaki - dim-dim
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