Default FS11 map V1.3 for FS13


FS11 default map V1.3 for FS13

For those people who found the Giants Farming Simulator franchise with FS2011, may remember the FS11 default map with fondness - or not. So here it is in FS13 format. All the issues, shortcomings and perhaps annoyances are all still there. I have tried to keep the map as much as possible a reflection of the FS11 original, with the addition of sheep and chickens, as well as potatoes and sugarbeets. To try to basically add all the functionality of FS13 I have included the FS11 style BGA in the position it occupied in the FS11 map. As the sawmill was just decoration, I have replaced that with the spinnery, made from default FS11 and FS13 buildings.

There are 3 scripts from FS11 that did not make it into FS13:
the dual colored houses - they are all rendered grey concrete color
the chairlift - in place but out of service
the straw bale elevator - deleted (off for repair...) the default FS13 bale sell point has been substituted.

As many as possible FS13 features have been added as long as they do not detract from the feel of the original map.

16 custom info trigger/icons are in place to guide you.

All 31 fields are defined and numbered, you start off owning 5 fields, one each of barley, canola and wheat and two of maize.

The cows are in their original cowzone, the sheep and chickens have been placed near the farm home thereby losing 2 fields.

To allow for storage of potatoes and sugarbeets; the FS13 potato/sugarbeet Polebarn with elevators has been added to the farm ground.

There are 6 selling points:

The brewery accepts wheat, barley and maize
The Grainmill accepts wheat, barley, rape and maize
The Port accepts wheat, barley, rape, maize, potatoes and sugarbeets
Wool can be sold at the spinnery
Eggs can be sold at the backdoor of the supermarket
The BGA will ferment chaff and grass but also buys
wheat, barley, rape, maize, silage, potato, sugarBeet, grass_windrow, dryGrass_windrow, wheat_windrow, barley_windrow, forage, forage_mixing for turning into fertilizer

The default vehicles file has been populated with FS13 vehicles, but for that true FS11 experience; download the FS11 modpack:
rename the defaultVehicles.xml file to defaultVehicles - FS2013.xml and
rename the defaultVehicles - FS2011.xml to defaultVehicles.xml

and you can start with the FS11 original vehicles.

Of course many mod scripts and details could be added to the map to make the experience that much better, but I wanted to keep this map as much a true reflection of the FS11 map as possible while adding FS13 functionality.

V1.1 changelog

Fixed the Silo triggers so the Krone Emsland trailer can fill
Fixed the Gas Station trigger so the fuel trailer can fill
Deleted a few patches of grass that crept over the road

V1.2 changelog

Somehow the got corrupted, so uploaded another copy of the zip file

V1.3 changelog

Fixed the BGA clamp Tip Triggers so you can tip multiple piles.


Original FS11 map by Giants
Original FS13 map by Giants
Custom Info Trigger By FSM Team
LightHouse fix by Lecra
Waterplane fix from a feterlj map
Chicken stuff by sandgroper...

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