Default FS11 starting modpack V1.1 for FS13


Here are the starting mods for FS11 converted to FS13.
They are very basic conversions, with just the PTO node added to the tractors, potatoes and sugarbeets added to the small tipper and normal textures added to implements that didn't have them.
All mods are zipped up individually, so you can copy some or all from the main zip into your mods folder as you wish.

Lizard 422 tractor
Lizard 2850 tractor
Lizard 58 combine harvester
Lizard 58 combine harvester cutter
Lizard 7210 combine harvester
Lizard 7210 combine harvester cutter
Lizard plough
Lizard cultivator
Lizard seeder
Lizard small tipper
Monsoon Triton sprayer

Converted primarily for the FS11 default map converted to FS13 to give a truer FS11 experience...

Changelog V1.1
Edited all cameras to FS13 standard
Made the small tipper lighter to tow
Deleted the exhaust particle from the Lizard 7210 - the FS11 version did not have one...



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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:40:21


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