Deutz d40 4wd v1.0


Hi there
am presenting my conversion of deutz d40 4wd.

as a basic model served me deutz d40 4wd v3.1 by ansomale.
(The release I have)

what has changed?
first I tried the texture can improve a little ... is obs jetz really managed to argue about it ...
-He has installed the new sound
Built-fl (a little too large several things below it)
Lattice wheels
Holders for grid-wheels
New coats on the rims ;)

The front-end loader of deutz is too large, it is clear to me .... only it is after all still ls and I myself like to play with "old" mods, but trz happy to hold higher working heights ;)
for me this solution was perfect ...
proposals in several of improvement and a second version I will install a smaller fl.

As I said I got from ansomale the enable!

over of improvement suggestions I am very happy ;)

and thanks to this great ansomale the basic model of the tractor has provided for disposal!

and the circuit still: a lot of fun with the little ;)


ansomale (grundmodell)
Pegas (Umbau)

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