Deutz RTS 7545 Pack v1.0


>>> WARNING:! The patch 2.1 or higher is required! I always recommend to use the latest! <<<

A package consisting of the following devices:

Deutz 7545 RTS
Deutz 7545 RTS cutting
Deutz Maispflücker
Deutz corn picker 12 m
Header Trailer
Cutting unit carriage United

Features: Deutz 7545 RTS:

Schneisenabtanken possible (Twice the [O] key) does not work in the helper mode!
Autocontour (soil adjustment of the cutter)
Animated Farmer
Tire dust
Lighting V31
Real Abgasparticle
IC control for: cam, pipe and straw chopper
Level indicator of the grain tank in the interior
Digital RPM and speed displays in the interior
Hectare meters
Passenger (for MP)
Way between swathing and Häckslen to change, even while driving and Drescher need not be selected to
Selectable four-wheel

Deutz 7545 RTS cutting:

PTO on the header rotate during threshing
Additional Cam's to open and close (in connection with the IC Cam of the combine.)
Reel slowly turns on and off
Reel is now adjustable heights. Either with the mouse or by pressing [J], and [N]

Corn pickers and corn picker 12m:

Additional Cam's to open and close (in connection with the IC Cam of the combine.)

Cutting unit carriage and cutting unit carriage Large:

Schneidwerkattacher installed. Thus, the Schneidwer always stays on the trailer. If one solves the trailer from Drescher, automatically solves the cutting off the trailer. For this purpose, the cutting unit carriage must be selected.
Tire dust
Lighting V31
Lockable steering axle (Only when cutting unit carriage United!)

The following fruits can be harvested:

Wheat, barley, canola, rye and oats with the Gedreideschneidwerk
Corn and sunflowers with the corn picker

This pack does not need to be unpacked. Simply grab the downloaded zip in the modfolder.


Original: GIANTS Software GmbH
Umbau: Ifko[nator]

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Wow ... this looks really nice ... can't wait to try it out =)

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