Fendt Favorit 4S with front loader v3.0 MR


Fendt Favorit 4S with front loader

Since I come ten thousand times felt was asked whether the Fendt 4s yet for LS13 out I made myself get to work. The 4S was visually compared to the LS11 version worked somewhat, just a few features were added. So much fun with the LS13 version of the apparently very popular with front loader Fendt Favorit 4S.

- Dual tires faded in (brackets are first displayed to pressing button again then the twins)
- Wheel weights faded (wheel weights only go if holders and twins are twins or only when wheel weights are made of)
- Hood On / hideable
- Open to the windshield
- Disengage the bucket loader with realistic
- RealisticIndoorCam Beta
- Front weights switched
- Loader faded out
- Indicator (BelV31)
- Contain appropriate bucket

Data for mod:
Vram consumption (Fendt 4s): 10.35 MB
Vram consumption (bucket): 2.67 MB
Objects in the i3d (Fendt 4s): 84
Objects in the i3d (bucket): 10
Size of the zip 11.7 MB

Model: schlueterfan1977, Loader: ansomale, bucket: model eicher
Ingame: schlueterfan1977, tag on front loaders, etc. in LS11: taker, conversion and transformation in LS13: model eicher
Scripts: model eicher (realisticIndoorCam, realExhaustParticleSystem, hydraulicAnimations, OldtimerFL, OldtimerFLImplement, zylinderV2)
Sven777b (toggleAnimatedParts)
Facebook (ESLimiter)
Myth (extra weights)

Technical data of the original picture:
6 Cylinder Engine Type MET D225-6, 5100ccm displacement and 90hp.
Tare weight 4030kg, max lift capacity of 3000kg.
It is expressly undesirable that this mod is newly remodeled uploaded or re-uploaded as well.
Please do not reupload this mod!
Have fun with the wishes you Fendt model eicher.


Modell:schlueterfan1977, Frontlader: ansomale, Schaufel: modelleicher
Ingame:schlueterfan1977, Umbau auf Frontlader etc. in LS11: taker, Konvertierung und Umbau in LS13: modelleicher
Scripts: modelleicher(realisticIndoorCam, realExhaustParticleSystem, hydraulicAnimations, OldtimerFL, OldtimerFLImplement, zylinderV2)


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