Gilibert 1800 Super Pro v1.0


The 1800 Super Pro of Gilibert. This allows tippers, which can use it to transport their more raw materials. It can be transported with this tipper only the standard raw materials. If you want ye so other commodities in LS13 Standard are not can carry, then you have it create the additional files, and then change to match the paths in the files, and insert new paths for that to work for it.
Hydraulic Sound: Modified
Loading capacity: 30000
Price in the country Sales: 25,000 €
Transportbare Rohatoffe: cereals, barley, canola, corn, potatoes, sugar beets.
Upkeep: 0 €
In the land trade of the LS 13, the judge directory "followers" can NOT see mods to device types !!! But under Mods by brand, as the LS 13 can assign the tipper called "Gilibert".
Writes in the comments how you like the Mod "Gilibert 1800 Super Pro". It would also be Nice if you abgebt no negatives or neutrals comments but abgebt only positive comments. Based on the comments, I can see if you like the mod, or helpful. If you still have any further requests, which you like to do other standard vehicles / equipment as Mod, then writes in the comments, or send me a message here on Modhoster to: GGR.DDF



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