IH 1480 Pack More Realistic


This pack contains:
- MR International Harvester 1480 Axial Flow Combine
Engine: 235HP DT-466 C
Grain Tank Capacity: 7500 L
Animated parts
Indoor sound
Straw spec
Hectare counter
RPM display

- MR IH1020 20' cutter
Working width : 6 m
fruitParticleSystem specialization
fruits: wheat rape barley sunflower


Model: Knagsted
Texture: Knagsted
Convert Edit Scripting 2013: skoomalegend
MR conversion + sound + sunflower: yumi (permission to publish granted by Knagsted and skoomalegend)

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Commented on 2014-08-18 07:05:27

does this mod use NUMPAD for various controls? I am using HP laptop with no NUMPAD. How do you turn the machine off and on without NUMPAD access. - - - Help please , Bill

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