IHC 1055 FH v1.6 MR


Long awaited, but now is there, the long-awaited IHC 1055th
International Harvester Company
Model: 1055 Aigner linkage and cockpit cabin
Year: 1982; Engine: 5.9 l with 74KW / 100PS
Maximum speed: 30 km / h
Maintenance costs: € 97 / day
Scale: 1:1

The IHC 1055 featured a 100-horsepower 6-cylinder diesel engine with direct injection and was produced from 1977 to 1982 in Neuss, Germany (GER). In this time there were 3,815 tractors of this type with rear-or all-wheel drive from the tape before it was replaced by the 5 hp more than 1056. The 1055 was delivered to the domestic market, as standard with the Fritz Meier cockpit cabin, but the export was made standard without a cabin.

3D Model: Cretan-Iceland
Textures: Cretan-Iceland
Copyright © by Cretan-Iceland

A special thanks to the people involved with the preparation of their scripts until the extensive functions of this mod allows haben.Zu These persons include Manuel leithner, model Eicher, Sven777b, Humel, Aranea and of course Dural, as with the creation of the Mods MoreRealistic an essential point has contributed to more real way of playing.

     realler exhaust smoke
     left turn signal
     right turn signal
     hazard warning lights
     Rotating beacon (also on IC Control)
     Work light front (also on IC Control)
     Rear work light (also on IC Control)
     animated speed display
     animated temperature display
     animated fuel gauge
     swing axle
     real speed of 30 km / h (manufacturer)
     Animated rear window (on IC Control)
     Animated side windows (on IC Control)
     Animated skylight (on IC Control)
     Opening doors (on IC Control)
     Reliable Mirror fade in
     Infohud fade in
     Blinking for trailer number in the dashboard
     Additional tires IHC 55er series can be grown
     tire dust
     Portable Heckzugmaul
     Control Panel Attacher
     Indoor sound
     Power detention Attacher
     Aigner front hydraulic
     Patch 2.0 ready
     more Realistic (moreRealistic Version)
     manual transmission (mrFullPowershift)
     (moreRealistic Version)

To be able to use all functions, the tractor must be selected.
About "G" you activate the individual equipment. Among other things, the tractor.
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Creative Commons License
The IHC 1055 Mod of the Cretan-Iceland is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Non-commercial - No Derivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on the work under www.kreters-island.de.


3D Model: Kreters-Island
Texturen: Kreters-Island
Copyright © by Kreters-Island

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