International Harvester Cyclo 400 Pack


This pack represents a 1975 International Harvester Cyclo 400 6 row seeder - this is a converted, edited and updated version of the original FS 2009 mod by Knagsted.

Planter technology drastically changed in 1971 when the IH Cyclo planter was introduced. This revolutionary machine eliminated the need for planter plates, clutch and all other components on other planters. IH used an air metering system to provide the ultimate in planting accuracy. The key to the Cyclo planter was a stainless steel planter drum. Changing from corn to beans required a simple change of drums rather than row unit plates found on other brands. The Cyclo also offered bulk fill planting which was an industry first. Case/IH offered the Cyclo planter through 1998.

This pack contains a 1975 6 row IH Cyclo planter in very good condition, both with and without the liquid fertilizer tanks which, on these old cyclos, were individual for each row. The fertilizer function is provided using webalizer's great mod and this pack includes the normal urfSeeder spec for regular maps, and the urfSeeder spec v4 for soilmod maps. (tested with the latest version of soilmod)

Also in this pack you will find a 1975 6 row IH Cyclo planter
that is rough looking but in usable condition. The price and
maintenance are correspondingly lower, and each of the 3 mods
in this pack have a dirty, old skin as well, for a total of 6
mods in the pack.

These planters are still easy to find in the USA at various equipment auctions and for sale by private owners.

R - Refills from normal ingame triggers (urf models fill
from normal ingame fertilizer triggers)
O - Changes seed type
V - Lowers / raises seeder
B - Turns on / off seeder
Z - Operates markers

left shift + O changes fertilizer mode (partial / full / none)
default is partial (applies to normal urfSeeder model)

left shift + O toggles fertilization on /off (soilmod version)

left alt + O changes fertilizer type (A, B or C) default is "A"
(applies to urfSeeder v4 model - soilmod version)

; - Lowers/raises left marker (manual override/on soilmod
version only)

' - Lowers/raises right marker (manual override/on soilmod
version only)

note: for soilmod version (using urfSeeder v4) the halfside
shutoff control is non-functional due to this seeder's
small width and having only 1 cutting area.

NOTE: you MUST unzip this pack first before using and copy all
six mod zips (or just the ones you prefer) into your mods
folder before use. If you do not unzip this pack first,
it will not work.

This pack or it's individual mods must not be uploaded to any
other site - you may, however, link back to this site.


Knagsted - original model and skin, JD1760 script V 1.0
Tubman - FS 2011 conversion
Nikko08 - Old weathered Skin
nonomi - JD1760 script V 1.1
sandgroper - JD1760 script V 1.2
ccs101 - FS 2013 conversion
jeremytaylor662 - JD1760 script FS initial 2013 edits
euroDZN - International Harvester brand logo
webalizer - urfSeeder spec v2 and v4
Decker_MMIV - additional script edits & cleanup
ccs101 - final FS 2013 ingame seeder spec, additional script & model edits

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Ever try to make an IH Cyclo 800 seeder?

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