John Deere 8220


Great tractor with a strong script, no errors, perfect model and high quality textures. Unfortunately, the texture and model mod weighs a lot ...

List of features:
* Full lighting.
* Full control Interactive (IC)
* Open the doors and rear window.
* Mask of opening.
* Manual ignition.
* Realistic particle exhaust system. (no script)
* Many animation hydraulic.
* Orka Spec.
* Double tire. Only on the back.
* Fender Script. The wheel is not constantly connected to the fender.
* Removable mudguards. With IC.
* PowerShaftAttacher (PTO) at the front and rear.
* Added Hydraulic front. You can replace it on the scales!
* Foldable front hydraulic.
* Control the speed display.
* Additional weights in the wheels.
* Removed animation hand. I do not like it.
* Realistic driving physics.
* No errors in the log and work Shema.
* Changes in texture.
* Scale 1: 1
* Fuel tank - 606
* Daily maintenance - 205
* Price - 105000

If you want more good mods in my performance, buy a premium account for before downloading my mod. It really motivates me.

- Mod only works for patch 2.0!
- Keep the original download link!

Tuning VMV

xXMVPXx, Sotillo, TurboSquid, Johny8520, ???, VMV Tuning


xXMVPXx, Sotillo, TurboSquid, Johny8520, ???, VMV Tuning

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