Krampe Big Body 500 snake v1.0


For all people in the 2013 agricultural simulator
Want to have some fun, here is a snake with 18
Trailers of Krampe Big Body 500.

Red color
Number of trailers: 18

So that you can pull the snake also problenlos, you must
The tractor and the weight of the barrel which is present in the queue
use. All other tractors, are too weak, and can
To lead to problems. Therefore, you need the tractor and the
Use the weight of the drum. You can drag the
Snake also use the case tractors. Whether the
Sufficient strength for it was not tested!

Once you have the mod, the vehicles.xml file is located in
A Win.RAR archive. You must archive this archive on your Desk-
Top unpack. Then appears with you the vehicles.xml file. It
Also appears when unpacking the Win.RAR archive
TextDocument on your desktop, where you can see how you do it
Mod installed. Therefore, you need the text document umbedingt you
Read through. If you know where to move the vehicles.xml file
You can do this independently, and you need the Textdo-
Can not be read.

Consider the work I have done, so a mod
Could arise. Reviewed the mod fair, and writes in the
Comments, if you like the mod.


Idee / Konzept:-

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