Krone Emsland v3.0


Hi dear Comm,
I once, about working with Lindemann's support, the original crown Emsland something.

What was done?
- Tire dust on the field and on the country roads
- Turn signal he has now
- Second lift added to the sides to move even when tipping. (Grain plan were adjusted of course.)
- And last but not least he has bekommmen new tires. The originals were so absolutely ne ned round thing ..

New in V2:
- Again new tires ... Better fit with trailer I find ..
- Manure, (crap), can now also be loaded with custom Abladeparticle.
- New Abladeparticle for potatoes and sugar beets!
- Schemas have been updated!

Some data to trailer:
Price: 9853 LS
Upkeep: 50 LS € / day
Filling volume: 10,352 l / kg
Filled with wheat, barley, canola, corn, manure, sugar beets and potatoes.

Lindemann and I hope that you are happy with the trailer, and we wish you a lot of driving fun cereal!


Original: GIANTS GmbH
Umbau: Ifko[nator] und Lindemann

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