Lindner Geotrac 94 v2.0


The Lindner GeoTrac 94. A very maneuverable tractor for made for mostly alpine work where the terrain is demanding and requires maneuverability and lightness. The 100 horsepower is just right for professional grassland work in mountainous terrain.
New AO texture
Transparent grill with engine detailing
Wheel camber
Twin wheels (front and back)
Folding front linkage
Speed and RPM display
Opening doors and rear window
Alö frontloader console which appears when you attach the loader
You will get a warning of an invalid joint type if you do not have the Alö frontloader pack installed!
If you would like to upload to another site please send me a message either on Facebook ( or a PM on here.


Model: GIANTS, Mattxjs (Seperation of doors, rear window, engine and transparent grill) and [GER]donkey for flipping the faces inside the bonnet so they cannot be seen through.
Textures: GIANTS and Mattxjs
Ingaming: GIANTS and Mattxjs
Sounds: GIANTS and EddieVegas

Beleuchtung v3.1: Sven777b
BJR_PivotingAxle: JoXXer
IndoorSound: Manuel Leithner
moveAbleBottomArm: Geri-G
rpmDisplayControl: Tobias F. and fruktor
Set Blends 1:
Set Blends 2:
SpeedDisplayControl: Tobias F.
toggleAnimatedParts: Sven777b
ZugmaulVisibilityV2: modelleicher

Special thanks to:
JohnDeere2450 for MP testing

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