Massey Ferguson 830 v1.0


Villeicht remembers one or the other of my Additional vintage package, this contains not only three tugs and a Massey Ferguson 830 combine harvester. Well I got back loss on these Drescher, but since I him back in Sketch Up (and without AO) have built course I had to first invest a bit of work ...

The Thresher was revised, he got a AO and the 3D model was revised further new wheels and Animated pulleys have been added. The engine of the combine was built.

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Ingame, the Thresher not many special features, it offers:
-Animated pulleys (Left side drive, Right Side Permanent)
-Animated Schneidwerksaushebung (About wheel)
-Realistic Exhaust Particle System

But it looks simple even you say I wish you much fun with it.
mfg MrFox


3D Modell: MrFox, Giants, Jughaid, Hawk2.7, unbekannt
Texturen: MrFox, Giants, Jughaid, Lohnunternehmer.jpg, unbekannt
Scripte: Giants, MR.X, modelleicher, Sven777b, unbekannt
Ingame, Bau u.s.w. : MrFox
Sounds: Giants, TLS-Mods :: Portal

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Commented on 2016-06-30 04:21:03

how about a FS15 conversion of this combine.

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