Meprozet PN20 LSF v1.0


Today I present to you the modifications beczkowozu Meprozet.

Modification is:
- Two modes of filling slurry.
- Ability to hitch the Serpent which is included.
- Animated control valve.
- Animated gauge.
- Animations operating pulleys and the belt.
- Removing the cover.
- Removing the spray.
- Possibility by carrying hose to the barrel.
- The sound of the pump.

- Collisions on the hose sometimes bugują.
- Weigh engages with one side of 10 cm too far.
- Centre for the sound of the pump is oddly located and in some positions the camera sound disappears.
These flaws I could not fix it ...

Overall it was to celebrate three years of my business but for some people preferred to roll the interest, and this is the last mod I've ever made and published.

The prohibition of shifting to other links and, above all, insert at Ls-for ... and Ls-Worl ...

Convert to what he want but do it well and even better than I to 13.

Authors of scripts:
Tobias F., Manuel Leithner, Giants Software, Frukror, Lubelski simulator Farms

Modelers (all new):
Lubelski simulator Farms, mr.Wojtek277

I'm sorry if anyone was offended my activities in the world of LS - more I will not do.



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Commented on 2018-01-05 18:34:21

mod video here...........

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