Mercedes Benz SK 2638 HKL v1.0


Now I want to ask you my MB SK 2638 HVAC train for disposal. He has four HVAC bridges and a matching trailer, on which another container can be placed.

A special thanks goes to Bandit, who gave me permission to release the new upload.
And also to my friend Sven, who helped me iron out the remaining errors.
Also big thanks to the testers who have tested the mod in advance.

The SK-HKL should not be given to new DL changed without my consent.
In order to offer on other sites, please use the original link


Urmodder ist Bandit
Umbau zum SK FendtBlack

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Commented on 2014-10-09 22:42:28

your truck mod don't work in won't pick up the box continers the arm comes in and out conects to the box but it won't pick it up you need to fix better

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