More Realistic v1.1


This is the second release of the "more realistic" full package.
This is the official version 1.1
Please read the embedded manual (v1.1.0.7)
- fixed issue with dedicated server version
- fixed error when using a "no-mr windrower"
- fixed funny bale prices in normal and easy difficulties
- fixed crash when using an attacherJoint allowing lowering but with a "nil" moveTime (badly converted/implemented mod, but issue hard to find)
- add "realEngineSoundVolumeFx" parameter to allow incab sound scripting for modders
- override the "baleValueScale" loading from bales i3d file to be a float instead of an integer.
- some modification to give the possibility of a "follow me " mod.
- new "AIVehicleUtil.mrDriveInDirection" to replace the default "driveInDirection" for "mr" vehicles.
- AI 3D sound now takes into account volume and pitch variation.
- "steering lock" state is now saved within the savegame
- AWD mode state is now saved within the savegame
- this is now possible to use the shuttle in T1 transmission mode while a speed level is set
- new crops supported : "pea" (combinable peas), "bean" (field bean) and "linseed".
- better progressivity for brake pedal when playing with a "wheel and pedals" device.
- add the "realBalerWorkingSpeedLimit" to allow modder to specify a custom speed limit for a "mr" baler.
- add the "vehicle.steeringAxleAngleScale#realNoSteeringAxleDamping" parameter to disable the "damping" of steering axle of a trailer
- better compatibility for maps with different triggers for the same station (triggers with and without "appearsOnPDA" like for "SprinHill")
- no "torque brakedown" when shifting speedlevel
- when setting a speedlevel, the player now have 1s to release the acceleration key before the speedlevel is disabled (you can set the speedlevel while pressing the acceleration key)
- the mission dialog box does not disable the player controls anymore
- starting silos filllevel now take into account "filltype" price per liter. (higher fill level for cheaper products)
- fix the bug with client that could have different sell prices on the PDA than the server
- externalize the "updateSteeringAxleAngle" for attachable so that modders can override it if needed ("steeringMod" for example)
- fix the bug with some "no mr" seeding equipment when filling ("fillType" = only "seeds", no fruit specified, and so, we don't know what is the correct price for the seed)
- "realisticCombine" specialization is now more "resistant" to "exotic" combine/harvester mods.
- Fix a rare problem activating the brakepedal all the time (unplugging usb headset while playing)
- New "realAutoDetaching" parameter for "attachable" attacher joint (Example : allow the "cutter" to be detached automatically when the cutter trailer is detached from the towing vehicle)
- "RealisticBallast" specialization is now working for implement too.
- add the "realBalerUseEjectingVelocity" for balers. (v1.1.0.8)
- Fixed the Poettinger Servo 35 plough missing groundReference
- Fixed the Buehrer 6135A (center of mass)
- No more "draft force" for combines header => better harvest speed, no more "over slipping" with combine harvesting uphill, but using a "speedLevel" is now usually required to drive a combine (or you will often experience start and stop behavior, especially harvesting downhill)
- Krone BigX -> move less far away in the headland while turning in hired worker mode
- Lizard header trailer now have rear brakes
- New roundbale collision to avoid too much "free rolling"
- Krone Comprima baler can "overfill" up to 108% now
- Weidemann 4270CX100T : fixed the trailer attacher joint "rotLimit"
- smaller turning radius improvement on many tractors
- trailers unloading discharge rate and pto consumption tuned
- Grimme Maxtron and Tectron lateral slidding fixed
- Fix flickering when playing in 64bits on some models (TTV430 frontloader, 5465H and 7545RTS combines, CIH quadtrack and steiger, Grimme maxtron and tectron, Grimme GL420 and 660, Amazon ADP seeder, trailers, Krone Comprima round baler)
- Fix missing rear light for the Agrovector telehandler
- Attacher joint (cutter type) added to the Lizard cutter trailer (in MP, the cutter can slide on the trailer if not attached)
- Fix Krone BigPack and Comprima missing "realBrakingDeceleration"


Giants : base game highly "moddable"
SFM-Modding / Xentro : alternative Tipping
Dural : "mr engine" and base vehicles conversion
Maxter : german translation
Any people converting mods and helping others to do so
Any people playing with and enjoying the new engine

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