MR FS13 Vehicle and Tool Pack for vintage fans


MR FS13 Vehiclepack for Vintage Fans_UNZIP

Amazone ZA
BavarianPloughFactory3 406
Deutz D80
Emsland GO
GueldnerG40AS FL
Hatz H340
huerlimann D110
Krone Optimat
Krone Turbo 2500
Kuhn FA367
LemkenD27 55K
Lizard 7210
Old Water Trailer
Poettinger 300
Triton 200
TMT Milchkannenwagen

search Unzip Pack and choose or take all / unpacking and or carry out any

Required / Required Mods:
MoreRealisticMod2013 -

These vehicles, and others i can't upload without permission, are used on my `` Green Iron Horse Farm''! Nearly all are rebuild versions of the Classics Pack. I changed some settings Because i was not satisfied. So tried to find the original data of thesis rare Historic Machines. The Gueldner Fronloader Shop picture is red but the skin is green and sadly it still has got the sound issue on the rear Attacher (its something in the original files, cant find it, im just a carmechanic).

This will be my final payback to the Great modding community. You are doing Wonderfull Stuff Publishers shoulderstand learn from !! FS 13 is out of date, still i hope some of you enjoy my puller.

Have fun
Bye all
realisticpunk 11/2016

These vehicles, and others that I am not allowed to publish without consent contract, I use on my `` Green Iron Horse Farm''! Almost all are revised versions of the Classic Pack. I have some settings changed since I was not satisfied. Have also looking for original data of this historical Maschienen. The Gueldner front loader has a red image in the shop but a green skin and unfortunately still a sound problem at the rear 3-point (some what in the original data, I do not find, am only car mechanic).

This will be my repayment to the Magnificent Modding Community. Your Carry Wonderful stuff from the manufacturer should learn !! LS13 is outdated, denoch I hope that some of my tractor like.

Have fun
Bye all
realisticpunk 11/2016


This Mod and all my other Mod's are NOT FREE for uploading.
I (realisticpunk) have released thesis Mod's just on FS-UK, Modhoster & nexusmods for Direct Download! If you downloaded them anywhere else, you have supported a Thief did you linked to at Advertising Site. Do NOT Help them make money with other peoples work!
Respect the Modders Scene and don't Support Any Questionable Sites!
Thanks for your attention and loyalty.

Have fun
Realisticpunk 11/2016

This mod and all my other Mod's are NOT FREE to upload.
I (realisticpunk) have published this Mod's only on FS-UK, and Modhoster nexusmods. If your you downloaded somewhere, you have a thief supports who you lured to an advertising page. NOT Help them earn with the work of other money!
Respects the modding scene and does not support questionable sites!
Thanks for your attention and loyalty.

Have fun
Realisticpunk 11/2016

Recomendet Mods (some mods i use)
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PS: Just another thing in my mind

Only 50 years ago
it was a hard job
to get bread and beer
in to the shop
all starts with the crop
and synthesis machines
as cute as They look
theyhave to work
i dont give a ....!?!


Modell: Giants
Idee / Konzept:

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Commented on 2016-11-30 02:24:13

Modhub is a community of game modification designers who share their modifications to make the game play a real pleasure for you.This is a complete nonsense. No one of you ``designed´´ this Mod!! And the most ignorant and stupid is YOU CANT EVEN EDIT THE DESCRIBTION PROPER. LEGASTENIKER. I one of you `visitors´ is looking for real designer mods: FS-UK.COM, of this mod) and NEXUSMODS:COMBTW: I`VE failed by this one

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