Hi all,
You become bored with the standard and converted Germany Maps?
Then this map is just right for you.
Our goal was to build a very realsitische U.S. MAP. Unfortunately, there are no U.S. securable objects.
Maybe this map is indeed an inspiring for so many modders ;-) houses, tractors ect assemble in the U.S. style
The area is intended to represent New Mexico. We have specially created new textures for this.
Hope that we have done it.
Unfortunately, this version is unlikely to be taugich for low PCs. We hope for your understanding here.
In principle, it is a fact that few new games for LOW PCs appear. We wanted to also do not compromise.
 Sorry hierfpr ;-)
About the Map:
Construction 1.5 months
5-6 hours daily outlay
Size of I3D: 170 Mb
Size of Map: 225 MB
Download Contents: Overview OGF_USA_MAP + + + farm map map map
Wither is OFF
There are plenty of in-game maps, signs and InfoButtens the eucht handling and describe the paths.
Our special thanks goes to all the modders who supported us with your products and your help. The kind permission before us lies.
To name a few:
Computer graphics
Unfortunately, we can not name them all is beyond the Ramen. Nevertheless, someone wants to be explicitly listed here, please send me a pM. Then we get to the course.
In addition, we are aware of no Modklau.
All items come from either Modhoster or LS UK
Should it in spite of careful selection object still create a complaint, we would be grateful if you let us leave by the PM, so we can correct the error.
The map created by our members. Kapt.Kruse, Lt. D.Kruse OldGrey and tested regularly.
It runs very smoothly despite your size.
Stated course materials is not very objective, as we all have high-end PCs.
As it is usually in testing, of course, some things can be overlooked ... Therefore, we look forward to your results.
That is also the reason why this is a V1 here.
Important: We have this map supporten only on our side. www.og-fightclub.de
We leave on the comments. 's also important for others to see how you can find the map.
We hope, of course, SUPER! :-) (Because only then does the modding and all the work fun)
We do it for fun and not zuber oaken to us! Hence the direct downloads Modhoster.
So now concluded with the entire drivel and have fun while gambling.

Your BernieSCS
= OGF = Old German FightcClan www.og-fightclan.de
This mod is available exclusive at Modhoster.de, and can be sold on any other forum for download. There are no approvals for changes of any kind!
This mod is available exclusive at Modhoster.de, and its forbitten to offer it on any other forum for download. There are no approvals for changes of any kind!


Grafik-EDV.: .Rolltor und Trigger
Ekkehard : Soldaten, Flugzeuge und Fahrzeuge
Tessman85 : Erlaubnis seine Texturen zu ändern
Chefkoch : Für sein InfoTrigger Script
freak36558 : Für seine Objekte ( Baustellenmaterial )
Marhu: Für seine Förderbänder und Scripte
frisco0177 : Für sein Futterlager
modelleicher : Schwedenhaus ..Gaststätte

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:25:53

Beautiful map. However, not friendly if you don't understand German. I thought I could manage but I am completely lost. First thing I did was try to sell my existing inventory. Loaded sugarbeets and headed to JD. I couldn't get in. Entrance & exit blocked by a fence. I ran around the building 5 times trying to figure out how to get in to sell my crop. Never did. Deleted save and removed map

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Commented on 2021-03-20 15:25:53

Hey can you convert this very good map to fs 15 please?

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