Pack sovetskoy tehniki v1


Introducing you pack technology. It collected about a hundred different techniques . All revised cleaned error logs , re converted textures in dds, processed sounds most mods in sound editor (now smooth sounds of the engine ) , some models passed through the 3D Max. Machinery in the shop sorted, added real brands , recycled prices , tractor trailers feel the weight (10 trailers will not go ) , converted animations. Added ability to enable all-wheel drive , depending on the model of technology . There is the possibility of adding a counterweight for MTW and YuMZ . Insulation made . In general, some fashion radically different from the originals. This is the first version, it is better to wait for the critics to improve , add, edit . All an enjoyable game . And a little advice - try to play without the other equipment , in order to appreciate the difference. For version 2.0 and above.


Author pack: satalit368

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