Polish Small Village v2


Version 2 maps known Polish Small Village which is a large edition of uninteresting maps v4 Zephyr. Thank you for agreeing to Zefirowi edition of this series.

Author: Dawider and Marshmallow
Photo: Kamil4321

The map has 0 errors in the LOG. At the start we get all the necessary equipment to start the game!

Map features:
- Mod chaff
- Making and feeding cows
- cows
- manure
- Eggs appear at in the house (where the chickens come)
- An interesting area and the surrounding nature
- 2 buying-
- The ability to conduct a greenhouse (which is a water supply and place for these buildings)
- Lime tuck turem
- Gates open at key,, of,,
And much more!

V2 version fixes all bugs and adds new features (turn-down, etc..).

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Author: Dawider and Marshmallow
Photo: Kamil4321

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Commented on 2014-08-26 22:45:50

Excuse me, I saw static cows in the map when I buy some cows...

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Commented on 2015-03-16 17:46:34

Wanted to report that after dumping chaff, it has no visual.
Just seeing, how my tripper and tracter get's up, while dumping chaff, but after that, there's no visual for it.
Please fix it, i like this map so bad.

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